Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scott Brown

We the people of the United States owe Scott Brown's supporters a huge debt of gratitude. They didn't merely elect a senator. They ripped the fa├žade off the Obama presidency

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama

Never a soldier himself, but suddenly their commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama wanted to learn the job from the ground up. Including the salute. Under the guidance of an expert, aides say Obama privately repeated his salute over and over again until he got it down. In a testament to how sensitive the White House is about the commander in chief practicing this basic military gesture, aides would not say who taught Obama how to salute. But he knows how to to bow to dictators!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today we honor all of those who put their own precious selves between their beloved home and wars desolation. They fight, and die, to preserve your freedom. If you see a Vet today, shake their hand and tell them, "Thank You." You might buy even them a beer or two. Happy Veterans Day!!!

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served our great nation. Thank you for your courage, your service, and dedication. Thank you for our freedom.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't let the door hit you on your way out! You piece of slime.

John Allen Muhammad the mass murderer, the sniper who kept the Washington DC in fear for months, in that 2002 sniper attack, stepped foot into Virginia's death chamber and within seconds was lying on a gurney, tapping his left foot, his arms spread wide with a needle dug into each. "Mr. Muhammad, do you have any last words”? He didn't but I have, don’t let the door hit you in your ass on your way out you slime-ball.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

There's a problem with the Liberal's logic on this healthcare bill of Obama, and it shows what fools they are. I'll get to that in a sec.
President Bush has been out of office for almost a year, and he's still getting blamed for hurricanes, earthquakes, car name it.
Here's the latest: It's President Bush's fault Chicago was not selected to host the 2016 Olympics.
Yeah, you read that right. Liberals are whuppin' out the 'ol BBS Card. Just when you thought they couldn't be more stupid, they pull this one.
The reasoning is, President Bush was so evil and did such bad things and got the world to hate us so much...this is payback.
If these people weren't so pathetic they'd be funny. Their answer for almost anything is "Blame Bush" and they run around in circles, flailing their arms, screaming at cars going by on the freeway.
Never mind that obama got up in front of the world and made a fool out of himself at the Olympic conference, and that a-hole Oprah didn't help things none.
Nah, it couldn't be anything but President Bush. And Dick Cheney, hey lets blame Halliburton also.
They will find any way to twist the facts so that it will suit their hatred and blame for Bush. They are losers, and when losers are cornered, they get vicious. It is getting rather tiring isn't it? Almost as old and tired as the race card they play. I suppose it's easier to blame than to look in the mirror.
But here's something Liberals will absolutely not tell remind us about, much less mention. (Scroll down to the heading "Outlook")
Chicago was selected to be one of four finalists in 2008...when President Bush was in office.
Now I ask you, rhetorically of course, if the world hated President Bush so much, why was a city in the United States, that's hated by the world so much, selected to be one of FOUR finalists? Aren't there cities elsewhere in the world that the world does not hate?
Sure there are, and therefore Liberals have been slam dunked and exposed as the retards they are.
Of course, they blame Bush, because they are adamant about rejecting responsibility for their own policies and actions-plain, and simple. They just keep digging their hole deeper and deeper. Soon they will find themselves at the bottom with no way out but to cry for help from their opposition.
I say we grab some shovels and fill in the hole with them in it!
Yeah, Obama now says that he inherited a Trillion dollar deficit which is ridiculous. It did not get to a trillion until after he took office. He is not even a good liar anymore.

His sheepies will continue to believe his lies. But one thing good is that some of the Blue Dog Dems are going against him now......That is because they know it is political suicide to follower the leader Barry O.

It upsets me is that he wants to throw our Seniors under the bus, just like he threw his poor grandmother. People over 73 will not be given life saving and life comforting procedures. But what the hell, who need them!

Mark Levin's Speech at the House Rally

What the hell is this? (As he toss's the health care bill to the ground)

First of all, I want to thank you all for coming out here. Many of you travelled from all over the country at great expense. And we thank you.
By the way, to the press here -- this is what this is about. Write this down: liberty. Just wanted you all to know.

Now you see this building here? You own that building!

The people who are in the building today? They reject limited constitutional government. They have spent trillions and trillions of dollars that do not belong to them. They have bankrupted our children. They have driven unemployment to nearly 10 percent. They are destroying small businesses. They are nationalizing large businesses. They don’t believe in private property rights. They’re taking a wrecking ball to this magnificent society. And that’s the first nine months.

Now I know they haven’t read that bill, because I know they can’t write in the first place.

Not you (points to Republican House members in attendance). I mean them.

Now they have their sights on the mother of all entitlements. They want to control you, they want to control your children, your parents, your doctor, your nurse -- you in the press, you getting all this down? This is brilliant stuff.

These are patriot citizens out here and I’m tired of them being smeared, to be perfectly honest with you.

And we’re not going anywhere.

Now they want to control health care. They want to control what kind of insurance you can purchase. They want to control if you can purchase insurance. They want to decide what benefits you can and cannot have. They want to decide how much you’re going to have to pay.

And they want to ration care. And the bottom line is they want to play God and decide who lives and who dies.

That’s pretty scary. And for them when they’re asked if they have authority under the Constitution they laugh. To hell with the Constitution they say. To hell with individual liberty and private property; to hell with people who want nothing to do with this, which is most of us. But not so fast. We’re not ready for this.

I was waiting to see Nancy with her quivering boo-boo lip like she did after the 9/12 rally, saying how scary we all are and how it reminds her of the anti-gay protests in LA in the 70's. THIS should have scared her -- with each visit to DC, we are getting closer and closer to grabbing them by their collective throats and screaming at them that they WILL listen to THE PEOPLE or they WILL be run out of there at the ends of pitchforks and torches. THEY don't run this show.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What did Team Obama expect?

I regret doing so very much, but believe it or not, I really don't like spewing venom, sarcasm and rage all over my computer keyboard. I particularly don't like it because I have friends who are “Liberal” , and it's not my nature to trash-talk anybody, let alone friends.
Global warming is a big hoax propagated by the communist al gore. it was hotter when i was a kid. hey stupid you think that in 100 years you can determine the true weather patterns. everywhere al gore goes a blizzard is sure to follow...Mary had a little lamb. What have we done to our beloved country? I can't believe the complete contempt his man has for his country. What can we do now, 3 ½ yrs is a Long time. I keep hearing blue/red pill in my head. My God how I dislike Obama

Carbon dioxide which barac made illegal is used by plants through photosynthesis to produce all of the earths oxygen. with carbon dioxide stupid we all die.

Economy democrats can't steal enough from workers and give to lazy ases.
What goes up must eventually come down. Democrats riding the Obama train must be worried about the upcoming 2010 elections. They are right to be afraid, connected to a man who resents the basic foundation of this country, who feels it is his duty to apologize to our enemies and terrorist supporting nations around the world, while destroying our credibility with our allies and democracies around the world.

The poll numbers are just going to keep getting worse until Obama and his cronies admit they were wrong and to amend for their failed experiments.
American's doctors don't want a government affirmative action incompetent having say in their personal doctor/patient relation ship, and finally if it's a democrats blue dog/lap dog, or liberal koolaide drinkers they will be all thrown out of office in 2010. so have your fun now you brazen buffoons. The Obama campaign was one of the most dishonest and fraudulent in modern history - and it worked, thanks to the 100% cooperation from the hyper-liberal mainstream media. The now-shrinking support for Obama was entirely based on these lies and half truths. They hid his far-left agenda from Americans in order to win votes, under the delusion that once he was in office and the towel dropped, support for him would continue unabated.

This was a huge political mistake. Most Americans are not left wing, the vast majority of them identify as either conservative or centrist. What did Team Obama expect from the polls after his far-left plans were exposed? It doesn't matter how much the media is in the tank for him now - the cat's out of the bag and there's no going back. If the Democrats press ahead with this socialist agenda they'll screw things up for themselves to the point where they won't get themselves reelected for another 50 years.